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  • yom teruah

    Trumpet 7: The Turning Point

    Many of us will die before we reach trumpet 7—but if we can make it that far, trumpet 7 is the turning point. That is when Babylon falls, and Yahweh’s government is set up. Although the cup judgments and Armageddon still lie ahead, from this point forward, Yahweh’s kingdom on

  • Parasha Nitzavim

    Parasha Nitzavim, Vayelech

    Join Apostle Norman Willis for his explanation of how Yahweh established us as an organized nation before Him, and how we need to be an organized nation before Him, before we can return back home to His land. To download, right-click and select “Save Target As.” Parasha Nitzavim Vayelech 2014

  • Glue

    One In Him, Part Three

    One In Him Part 3 To download, right-click, and select, “Save Target As.” You can also download a PDF of the PowerPoint Slides. One In Him Dallas Part Three PPTX

  • Seven shofars

    Trumpets Five and Six

    While the first four trumpets are bad, men do not repent. Therefore, Yahweh has to turn up the heat, to get men to turn back to Him. This explains why the last three trumpets (5, 6, and 7) are all described as woes. At trumpet 5, a “star” falls to

  • Glue

    One In Him, Part Two

    One In Him Part 2 MP3 Download (You can also right-click, and choose “Save Target As”) One In Him Dallas PART TWO PPT  PowerPoint PDF download link. This is Part 2 of a sermon given in Dallas, Texas, on the standards for fellowship listed in Acts 15. You can listen to