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  • Binding of Isaac

    Parasha Vayeira 2014

    Join us for Parasha Vayeira, where Avraham had to choose between obeying Yahweh (on the one hand), and keeping his marriage and family intact, on the other. Parasha Vayeira 2014 (To download audio file, right-click and select, “Save Target As.”) Parasha Vayeira 2014 PDF  (To download PDF file, right-click and select, “Save

  • Exit

    Parasha Lech Lecha

    In Parasha Lech Lecha, Yahweh sends Avram on a mission to establish a great nation. Only, Avram does not know the story. He faces several challenges as his life goes in twists and turns, and he tries to learn how to please Elohim. That is why his story is the

  • Grapes

    The 144,000 and the Grapes of Wrath

    Revelation 14 is an inset chapter which describes the harvests of mankind. From a human standpoint, chapter 14 is difficult to accept, because it speaks of believers dying. However, when we look at things from Yahweh’s eternal perspective, the harvests are a good thing, in that we get to go


    Parasha Noach

    In Parasha Noach we see the beginnings of Yahweh’s plan for the redemption of all mankind. This i an important study, as it shows us certain characteristics and traits that we as believers need to incorporate into our personalities, in order to be more like Yeshua. To download the file,

  • All Seeing Eye

    The Mark and Number of the Beast

    In the last chapter we saw a beast (representing Islam and Christianity) coming up from the sea. We also saw a governmental beast (representing the UN) coming up from the land. The UN will tell all those who dwell on the earth (or perhaps, “all those who dwell in the