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  • John 6 People seek Yeshua

    Parasha Vayakhel Pekudei 2015

    Parasha Vayakhel Pekudei is not just an exciting, lively parasha about how Yeshua fed the 5,000. Rather, what it really shows us is the extreme importance not just of making Yeshua the king of our lives, but also of finding our place in His kingdom. Parasha Vayakhel Pekudei MP3 (To download,

  • Melchizedek small

    The Internal Melchizedekian Order

    Earlier we saw how Yahweh took Israel from a single family patriarchy (in which all three government offices were filled in house), to a single family patriarchy that gave tithes through Melchizedek. Then we saw how Yahweh took Israel into Egypt, to make them a great and mighty nation under

  • Exodus 33 Golden Calf

    Parasha Ki Tisa 2015

    Parasha Ki Tisa shows us what disciples do. They place Yahweh first. They discipline their brethren–but they also intercede for their brethren. Disciples are leaders who are always against false worship (and don’t allow their brethren to practice it). Yahweh rewards this. Parasha Ki Tisa 2015 (To download the audio, right-click

  • Homeless on bench

    How Yahweh Provides for His Poor

    Yahweh likes capitalism, because capitalism leads to ingenuity, self-reliance, and economic success. The only thing is that capitalist societies also tend to be extremely hard on the poor. That is why Yahweh puts safeguards in place, to make sure that the poor always have a safety net. That way, His

  • 1 Samuel 15 Oh I Sinned

    Parasha Tetzaveh 2015

    Parasha Tetzaveh shows us how important it is to keep all of Elohim’s commandments, just as He gives them, without adding or taking anything away. It also shows us how this kind of drawing close to Him leads to inward shalom, and also restored physical health. The 30 minute audio

  • Tithing

    How Yahweh Provides for His Festivals

    In the last chapter we saw that Elohim commands us to give a tithe to the priesthood, to fund their work. We may not use any part of the first tithe ourselves. In this chapter we will see that Elohim also wants us to set aside a second tithe. This

  • Tabernacle and courtyard 2

    Parasha Terumah 2015

    Shalom, Nazarenes. Parasha Terumah is where the children of Israel begin preparing a tabernacle service. The idea of the tabernacle was not only to create a place where Elohim would dwell with us once again, it was also to lay a foundation for taking the worship of Elohim worldwide. In this parasha, we