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  • Mosaic Law Statue Grand Park LA

    Parasha Mishpatim 2015

    In Parasha Yitro, Moshe’s father in law Yitro (Jethro) told Moshe to appoint judges, to rule the people at all times. Yahweh also gave Moshe gave the Ten Commandments in Parasha Yitro. However, while the judges Moshe appointed were good men, not everyone had the same Spirit as Moshe had–so in

  • Moses Judging the People Jan Victors

    Toward a Torah Government

    There are three primary offices (or roles) in Israel: 1. The king (head of the temporal/physical army) 2. The priest (head of the spiritual army) 3. The prophet (hears from Yahweh) In general, the prophet serves as Israel ears, telling the people what Yahweh says. The priest serves as Israel’s

  • Exodus 21 Ten Commandments

    Parasha Yitro (Jethro) 2015

    Parasha Yitro is an exciting parasha, because this is where we begin to see the establishment of Israel’s organization and internal leadership structure–and it is at least partly this organizational structure that allows Israel to accomplish its mission for Yahweh, as the army of the living Elohim. Yeshua alters the organizational

  • Levitical Structure

    Our Husband the Prince

    We all want to be Yeshua’s (Jesus’) bride. However, He has a lot of candidates for the position, and if we want Him to choose us, we need to show Him that we love Him, by keeping all His commandments. Yochanan (John) 14:15 15 “If you love Me, keep My

  • Judges 4 Yael Tent Stake

    Parasha Beshalach 2015

    In Parasha Beshalach we learn about the importance of walking by faith, and not by sight–and that when we have done all, we need to stand, and believe. That is when we see the deliverance of Yahweh. Join us for Parasha Beshalach as we talk about this principle in the

  • nebuchadnezzar arrows

    Fear Yahweh, and Him Only

    The tribulation is rising. World leaders openly advocate a New World Order, and a one world religion. Yet in all of this, our Elohim tells us not to fear any conspiracy, nor be afraid, nor be troubled, so long as we fear Him, and Him alone. Yeshayahu (Isaiah) 8:12-13 12

  • Locust Damage

    Parasha Bo 2015

    In Parasha Bo we learn that Pharaoh is “everyman”–and that Pharaoh’s struggle in submitting his flesh to Yahweh is the same as our own. Join us as we talk about our own inner redemption from Egypt, and the world. Parasha Bo 2014 MP3 (To download the MP3 file, right-click and select,