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  • genesis


    Dear greatly esteemed Prime Minister Orban, I am a Christian monk after the Anglican Rite of Old Sarum, who is also of Jewish extraction. I have semi-paralysis of the right side of my spine and extremities from serving in the Rothschild-Bush-Clinton wars, in Panama. If Hillary Clinton wins the election,...

  • hillary-netanyahu-530x306

    Rothschild, Netanyahu, Sanhedrin: Thou Shalt Not Suffer a Witch to Live

    Exodus 22:18 King James Version 18 “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.” Interesting URLs: Hillary Clinton Begs Forgiveness From Rothschilds In Leaked Email Netanyahu: HAPPY to Work With Either Trump or Clinton ? CLINTON’S FATAL LEADERSHIP — PART 6a — PROOF POSITIVE THAT HILLARY CLINTON IS A POWERFUL PRACTICING...

  • haushalts-wasserfilter

    The Mishnah Filter

    In Torah Government v2.x I show how the Levitical order collapsed when the people went into Babylon. Because there was no temple, the people no longer brought their tithes and offerings up to the temple–and no standing (or sitting) priesthood can long survive without sufficient funding. Faced with an existential...

  • the_ultimate_verdict

    Why Ephraim Killed Yeshua

    In Nazarene Israel I explain the parable of the prodigal son, which represents the house of Ephraim. (While in the parable Ephraim took only half of the Father’s goods, in the natural it was more like 10/12 = 5/6ths [or at least 3/4ths].) Luqa (Luke) 15:11-21 11 Then He said:...

  • genesis

    Simplified Letter to the Sanhedrin

    A Messianic Jew who is familiar with Jewish Halachic Law suggested that I write the Sanhedrin a brief letter, outlining our main concerns. He said to rest assured that if and when the Sanhedrin wants to know more, they know how to ask. Taryag is another name for “all the...

  • Genesis 35:11

    The Biblical World Order of Genesis 35:11

    The Christian world is concerned about a Zionist New World Order (NWO). Has it considered the benefits of the Biblical World Order (BWO)? Genesis 35:11 speaks of a sovereign Jewish State of Israel (under a Levitical order), but also a company of Melchizedekian Christian nations (who are in the junior...

  • Sanhedrin Tiberias

    Sanhedrin 2. Ephraim Sins and Dies

    The distinction between the two houses of Israel runs all the way through the Tanach (Old Testament). For one example, while building the temple and his own house, King Solomon placed the labor force of the northern house of Joseph under an industrious Ephraimite named Jeroboam ben Nebat. Melachim Aleph...