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  • Getting Our Prayers Answered

    Getting Our Prayers Answered

    Why doesn’t Yahweh always answer our prayers? We will discuss some of the reasons why in this article. We will also talk about how to get our prayers answered much more consistently—and become better servants for Him. The Hebrew word prayer is tefillah (תפילה). The root word here is palal,

  • Titus 1:5

    The Titus 1:5 Test

    Are we keeping the same faith the apostles kept in the first century? One simple test is to see if we are obeying Titus 1:5. But before we get to Titus 1:5, let’s back up a bit, to gain some better perspective of what is being said. In Acts 9:15,

  • Sultan Suleyman II

    Return of the Caliphate

    Dear friends, New website. Praise Yahweh, we now have a brand new website, courtesy of our brother Jeremy LaDuke, of LaDuke Holdings, LLC. He gave a lot of time building us a brand new site, and is still working to improve it. Please take a minute to look over the

  • Bride3

    Becoming Yeshua’s Helpmeet

    We have covered a lot of ground in this book, but in this closing chapter, let us put things in perspective—because without this perspective, we will not be able to please our Husband. Yahweh created the woman as a helper for the man. B’reisheet (Genesis) 2:18 18 And Yahweh Elohim

  • Nuclear-blast

    The End Time Sequence

    Prophecy is not given to us so we can know the future. Rather, we are given prophecy so that when the events prophesied take place, they will confirm and strengthen our faith. Nonetheless, if we study the prophecies we can learn some things—and not only can these things help us