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  • Jonah and Forgiveness

    Jonah and Forgiveness (Yom Kippur)

    It is traditional to read about Yonah (Jonah) on Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement). Yahweh showed me some new things about Jonah–why he was an Ephraimite,  and why this made it so hard for him to forgive the Ninevites. Yet forgiveness, even of our enemies, is essential for our

  • Repent

    Parasha Yom Kippur

    Friends, Parasha Yom Kippur did not come out like I wanted. Yahweh gave me some “Aha!” moments during the presentation, so it felt like it came out disjointed. I am posting it anyway, in case you might get something good out of it. To download the parasha, right-click on the

  • Give ear

    Parasha Ha’azinu (“Give Ear!”) 2014

    Join Norman Willis for his explanation of the Song of Moshe (Moses), and how it tells us Yahweh established us as an organized nation before Him, and how He wants us to be an organized nation before Him, so He will bring us back home to His land. To download,

  • Come out of her, My people

    Israel in the Wilderness

    Chapters 12 thru 15 are inset chapters. They will give us more information about detailed topic areas, so that when we rejoin the timeline in chapter 16, we will be able to make much better sense of the story. In the opening pages of this book we give the parable

  • yom teruah

    Trumpet 7: The Turning Point

    Many of us will die before we reach trumpet 7—but if we can make it that far, trumpet 7 is the turning point. That is when Babylon falls, and Yahweh’s government is set up. Although the cup judgments and Armageddon still lie ahead, from this point forward, Yahweh’s kingdom on