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  • Rapture sequence

    About the Rapture

    Scripture does teach the concept of a rapture, but what Scripture teaches is very different from what the popular culture teaches. So we can know what the rapture truly is (and isn’t), let us study into this term, both in Hebrew, and in Greek. The popular term is taken from

  • genesis

    Sukkot 2014

  • Jacobs Departure

    Parasha Veyetze 2014

    Parasha Vayetze (“And He Went Out”) is the story of how Jacob fled to Padan Aram to escape Esau’s wrath–and yet his deceitfulness comes back to haunt him time and again. Join us as we explore the spiritual lessons that Jacob had to learn, before he could become “Israel” (the upright

  • Wedding Feast

    Armageddon: The Wedding Feast

    Earlier we saw that Babylon is judged at trumpet 7, and then her punishments are poured out during the cups. At cups 6, three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouths of the dragon (Satan), the beast (the papacy), and the false prophet (Mohammed/Islam). They go out to

  • Jacob Deceives Isaac

    Parasha Toldot 2014

    In the parasha series we have been talking about the noble characteristics of the Patriarchs, and why we need to incorporate these noble characteristics into our personalities, in order to become more like Yeshua. However, here is a curios thing: in Parasha Toldot, Rebekah told Ya’akov (Jacob) to deceive both

  • Statue of Liberty

    Come Out of Her, My People

    Revelation 18:2 tells us that Babylon the Great is fallen. As we have already seen, in the spiritual this takes place at trumpet 7—yet in the natural it will continue to walk out through the cups, and also through Armageddon, before the reign of Elohim is established on earth. Hitgalut

  • Sarah's Burial

    Parasha Chayei Sarah 2014 : Letting Yahweh Lead

    In Parasha Chayei Sarah, we learn more about the importance of letting Yahweh lead. Parasha Chayei Sarah 2014 (To download, right-click and select, “Save Target As.”) Parasha Chayei Sarah 2014 PDF (To download, right-click and select, “Save Target As.”)