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  • Baphomet

    Satan: Yahweh’s Spiteful Ex-Bride

    Even though our job is to love all men (and especially the brethren), it helps to know who our adversary is, and why he hates us so much. Ezekiel tells us that in the Garden of Eden, the King of Tyre was a perfect anointed cherub that covered. Some believe...

  • Heart Tie

    Love: Our Lifeblood

    The concept of a gestalt is that the whole is greater than the sum of its individual parts. While we are all called to salvation individually, we are not called to an individual salvation. Rather, we are called to take our place in the nation of Israel, which has a...

  • Help

    Our Vision, and What You Can Do

    Nazarene Israel believes we should do what Scriptures says. We avoid rabbinic authority (which Yeshua came to overthrow). We don’t sell the revelations He gives us, or monetize His word in any way (but simply hand it away at our cost, and trust in Him to provide). We are also...

  • American Eagle

    About American Independence Day

    In Nazarene Israel we saw that Satan is a deceiver, and that his main tactic is to create substitutes (decoys) for the truth. We also saw how the anti-Messiah is not so much someone who fights against the Messiah, but is a replacement for the Messiah (i.e., a substitute Messiah)....

  • Help

    Why Yahweh Loves Volunteerism

    Why does Yahweh love volunteerism? And if we want to be Yeshua’s bride, why do we need to actively volunteer, and further the Great Commission as best we can? To answer these questions, let us look at the nature of man, and the nature of families (including our nation). When...

  • What is Torah

    What the Prophecies and Trends Say

    Yeshua wants us to organize, so we can fulfill the Great Commission more effectively. However, this does not promise to be easy. Many factors work against us. The three main Babylonian religions (Christianity, Islam, and Judaism) secretly collaborate to establish a one world government, and a one world religion. They...

  • Tree Yeshua Root

    Phase 4: Restoring His Order

    The next step is to restore His order. To see how to do that today, first let us review what we have learned. Earlier we saw how mankind rebelled against Yahweh. However, because Yahweh will not be denied, He set forth a multi-faceted, multi-phase campaign to bring us back into...