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  • John 6 Disciples Serve Believers

    Yeshua’s Definition of Belief

    Imagine it is the first century, and that you are one of the twelve disciples. You have gladly laid down the rest of your life in exchange for the privilege of helping Yeshua further His kingdom in any way that you can. About 5,000 people have come to see Yeshua.

  • Lamb2

    Parasha Pesach 2015

    In Parasha Pesach 2015 we explain why we need to follow the Torah commandments with regard to the Passover today (as opposed to the rabbinic commandments). Parasha Pesach 2015 MP3 (To download, right-click and select, “Save target as.”) Parasha Pesach 2015 PPT PDF      

  • Mark 15 Yeshua Cross Timber

    Parasha Vayiqra 2015

    In Parasha Vayiqra we learn about the three main types of sacrifices, and what Yahweh wants us to learn from them, so we can please Him.   Parasha Vayiqra 2015 MP3 (To download, right-click and select, “Save Target As.”) Parasha Vayiqra 2015 PPT PDF

  • John 6 Disciples Serve Believers

    Yeshua’s Standards for the Priesthood

    The Levitical order unifies the people around a physical house of Yahweh. In contrast, the Melchizedekian order unifies the people in multiple houses of Yahweh (in all countries). Because the mission is different, so is the way the priesthood organizes, and operates. In earlier chapters we saw how the priesthood

  • John 6 People seek Yeshua

    Parasha Vayakhel Pekudei 2015

    Parasha Vayakhel Pekudei is not just an exciting, lively parasha about how Yeshua fed the 5,000. Rather, what it really shows us is the extreme importance not just of making Yeshua the king of our lives, but also of finding our place in His kingdom. Parasha Vayakhel Pekudei MP3 (To download,

  • Melchizedek small

    The Internal Melchizedekian Order

    Earlier we saw how Yahweh took Israel from a single family patriarchy (in which all three government offices were filled in house), to a single family patriarchy that gave tithes through Melchizedek. Then we saw how Yahweh took Israel into Egypt, to make them a great and mighty nation under

  • Exodus 33 Golden Calf

    Parasha Ki Tisa 2015

    Parasha Ki Tisa shows us what disciples do. They place Yahweh first. They discipline their brethren–but they also intercede for their brethren. Disciples are leaders who are always against false worship (and don’t allow their brethren to practice it). Yahweh rewards this. Parasha Ki Tisa 2015 (To download the audio, right-click