My parents raised me a Christian patriot in the greater Seattle area. When I was six or seven I knelt by my bedside and asked the Father in heaven please to make me like His Son (whom at that time I called Jesus), no matter what it took. I prayed until I could not kneel any longer, but it was His faithfulness that I proclaim.

I fell out of the faith as a teenager, because the government taught us evolution theory in the schools. Because I still wanted to serve my country I thought of becoming a soldier, laying down my life in service that way. While in the University of Washington ROTC I earned my parachutists wings and became the Honors Officer of my Special Forces Officer’s Qualification Course. Finishing my degree I went on to become the Distinguished Honor Graduate of my Infantry Officer’s Basic course, and then I went to serve in the 1-508th Airborne Infantry (Light) in the Republic of Panama.

It was in the army in Panama that I came face to face with the fact that my secular education was incomplete. While in Panama I was witness to numerous false flag operations, and many other things that did not seem moral or ethical to my mind. This started me on a long search for truth–but since I was taught not to believe the Bible, I turned to eastern spirituality and eastern medicine, instead. At one point I enrolled in a Ph.D. program in spiritual psychology, hoping to find a solution to the world’s problems–but realized the Spirit is not to be analyzed, the Spirit is but to be obeyed, and lived by. Shortly after this revelation, Yahweh called me to repentance.

Back then I did not understand that the governments of men are in the control of Yahweh’s hand, so after dropping my Ph.D. program I became involved in protests against government encroachment on civil liberties (especially the Second Amendment). This led to my getting saved in a miracle, in which Yahweh literally saved my life. It was during this tumultuous time that Elohim spoke to me audibly, saying, “I am giving you one last chance. You had better take the ball, and run with it.” With that my life was forever changed for the better.

Yshua wants us all to do what we can to help further His kingdom. Once I realize that is what He wants, I gave the rest of my life to the cause of restoring the original faith of the apostles to the land of Israel. Since that time in 1999 I have been blessed to be involved in the effort to restore the original first century faith to the land of Israel. Because the land is closed to us until after Armageddon we are focusing on taking the true Good News outward, until such time as Messiah Yshua should bring us home, after Armageddon.

It is important to me that everything we do here reflect His truth. Please join me in furthering His true kingdom. I can promise you that the road will not be easy or short, but that if we dedicate ourselves to it, He will help us to prevail.

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