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LEGEND: Green pins are certified Nazarene Israel assemblies. Blue pins are Acts 15 Alliance members with more than one elder family (preferred). Red pins are Acts 15 Alliance members with only one elder family at the moment. (Disciples and volunteers may also be posted in this category.)

GREEN PINS: Certified Nazarene Israel activities. Green pins are certified Nazarene Israel activities. Please come prepared not only to learn, but also to apply yourself to the effort to evangelize your city-state. The emphasis is not only on learning, but also on doing our Husband’s work. The focus is on service. Please come prepared both to learn and obey the full Torah, including three joyful tithes (plus gifts, plus offerings). Please also come prepared to give of your talents and time to help your congregational elders evangelize your city-state (and beyond) for Him. That is what the Great Commission looks like at the local level.

Nazarene Israel assemblies are led by congregational elders (lay clergy). Their job is to love and train the people as if they were their own children. They may have any combination of gifts (apostolic, prophetic, evangelical, pastoral, teaching, etc.), but they typically focus on evangelism, pastoring, and teaching the basics (as that is what most people need, is love, healing, and basic instructions, delivered in love). The first tithe pays for the elders’ support. It also pays to maintain the community center, pays for training for our children, counseling, youth activities, and more. [Please note there is no Sabbath gathering at Nazarene Israel headquarters as we are supporting the congregational elders during that time.)

When we live in the land of Israel we bring our tithes three times a year (Deuteronomy 12-16). However, in the dispersion we bring our first tithes each week (1 Corinthians 16:2). The first tithe is a tenth of everything Yahweh gave us since last week. For example, if Yahweh gives us a hundred shekels, we give Yahweh ten (plus gifts, plus offerings). If we harvest ten tomatoes, we give Yahweh one tomato, plus the firstfruits. Children should be encouraged (but not made) to tithe as soon as they understand that it pleases Elohim when we take a tenth of what He gives us, and give it back to Him. He loves this, because it shows Him that we love, obey, and trust Him. We know He can do more good for us with the 90% that remains than we could have ever done for ourselves, had we kept the whole thing. Alternate tithing schedules can be accommodated if necessary—but if we truly love Y’shua [as much as we say we do], we will be joyful to bring our Husband our tithes [and if we aren’t joyful to bring our Husband His tithes, then it is a sign that something is wrong with our heart, and it is time for serious prayer].)

We also set aside a second tithe each week (to make our festivals a delight), and teach our children to do the same. And if Yahweh has blessed us with so much abundance that we cannot spend imagine spending the whole thing on ourselves, we can give it to the priesthood, and they will give it to a poor person who is helping the work. There is no shortage of poor people, so if you find that you have more than you need, please help another brother or sister to have a blessed festival also. (Note: because the second tithe also belongs to Yahweh, it must be paid. It is unlawful not to pay the second tithe.)

The third and sixth years of the Shemittah cycle are the Years of Tithing for the poor. In these years we bring a third tithe for the poor, the widow, the orphan, and the new convert who has joined us. (Be nice to converts!) The dates are a matter of ongoing discussion, but as a practical matter we had to establish a Shemittah cycle (for the sake of our poor). Our working assumption is that the Shemittah (land rest) year lasted from Aviv (spring) 2014 thru Aviv 2015–and that the punishments for not obeying the Shemittah began to fall after the fall feasts (2015). If correct, then the next Year of Tithing will be in 2017, followed by 2020 [seal six/WW3], 2024, 2027, 2031, 2034, 2038, 2042 [tribulation begins], 2045, and 2049 [Cup Judgments/WW4]. [Note: all dates are estimates, and are based on seal six (WWIII) taking place circa 2020 (+/- 5 years). The sequence of events interests us far more than the dates. Even if the dates prove wrong, the sequence is proving to be reliable.]

According to the Revelation study, the tribulation begins circa 2042, descending into full global war (WW4) circa 2049. Armageddon is an “encore performance” by Cousin Ishmael, after the rest of Babylon has fallen. Ishmael will be badly beaten, and in the end he will convert to Nazarene Israel. After that we all go to the Wilderness of the Nations (Ezekiel 20], where some 10% of us (that obey the full Torah in love) will survive. Yahweh says He will purge out the “rebels” from among us, who do not keep the full Torah in love. If this will take place circa 2050, then we need to prepare our children to be among those who are preserved, because they obeyed the full Torah in love.

Ideally, sanctuaries should be held in a place set-apart and reserved for services. However, the rest of the community center can be filled with classes, activities, and activities of all kinds. Praise, worship, plays, music, performing arts, healthy living classes, soup kitchens, food banks, clothing banks, Bible studies, and childcare are all options, depending on how the Spirit leads. Qualified elders may even open a hospital, or enter politics (as Nazarene Israel is not 501C3). To visualize, it should look like a YMCA in each town, with separate room (or ideally a separate building) set apart unto sanctuary services.

If the men’s job is that of the priest, the provider, and the protector, then one of the men’s primary responsibilities is to give our women a safe place and resources to raise our children. This is a community effort, just as Torah takes the entire community working together. Getting the women what they need to raise our children as a unified nation in all countries is one of our highest priorities. If you are paying your tithes, and you need something to help raise children, or you need something to unite us with all of the rest of the brethren, please ask. We are here to help you maximize your ministry to all of our families.

Membership in the priesthood is by invitation only (as the Spirit directs). If Yahweh calls you, expect total warfare against our people, and an unparalleled opportunity to do as much as you can for your Husband with the rest of your life. While Nazarene Israel priests may marry and have children, they may not pass any inheritance (or any physical possessions) to their children. Rather, the Melchizedekian order has the unmerited privilege of using Yahweh’s resources to serve His Son. There is no salary, and no retirement. Room and board are paid as long as your life is laid down. Must be willing to work within the framework of policy, as established by the apostolic foundation.

The priesthood is the most overwhelming, spiritually and emotionally demanding calling you will ever love. Expect to hit the ground in good-soldier mode, give everything, and love everyone as if they were your own children. Expect to be stretched and grow as Yahweh helps you to find humor and humility in new places.

BLUE PINS. Tree of Ephraim / Acts 15 Alliance Multi-Elder. As their name implies, Acts 15 Alliance Multi-Elder congregations have more than one elder (which is correct). As with Single-Elder assemblies, there may be a wide array of leadership formats, calendars, and doctrines. We do not condone these things, but because they do not come under our roof, we cannot account for their doctrine. We list them here because their leadership is allied. They warrant no gross violations of morals, good ethics, or the four principles of Acts 15 (no idolatry, no sexual misconduct [to include wrongful divorce], no strangled (or unclean] meats, and no blood.). Any combination of time, talents, and tithes may get your fellowship posted on the Fellowship Finder for approximately three months (quarterly, or whenever we get time to review and update the board). Our goal is not to identify minimums, but rather to identify who has set his heart to help us help our Husband.

RED PINS. Tree of Ephraim / Acts 15 Single Elder. Single Elder Fellowships are like Multi-Elder congregations, except that they have only one elder family at present. (This is often the case with new congregations.) Disciples and other volunteers (who give direct helps to the priesthood) may also be listed here. As with Multi-Elder assemblies, there may be a wide array of leadership formats, calendars, and doctrines. We do not condone these things. However, in general their leadership warrants that you will not be exposed to any gross violations of Acts 15 (idolatry, sexual misconduct [to include wrongful divorce], unclean foods, blood, etc.). Any combination of time, talents, and tithes may get your fellowship posted for three months (quarterly, or whenever it is time to update the board). (Our goal is not to identify minimums, but to identify those whose hearts are inwardly set to help us help Him (as one team).

The Nazarene Israel Fellowship Finder is for official use by Nazarene Israel and its members only. Please do not contact our people for any solicitation, or to ask for any support. WE CANNOT VOUCH FOR ANY MISSION, ORPHANAGE OR MINISTER THAT IS NOT REGISTERED HERE. WE ALSO RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE OR REMOVE ANY LISTING, WITHOUT NOTICE, FOR ANY REASON AND AT ANY TIME, AT OUR SOLE DISCRETION, AS LED BY HIS SPIRIT. Thank you for your patient and kind understanding.
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