Nazarene Israel is called to restore Yshua’s original Order of Melchizedek according to Scripture. Our headquarters is in the dispersion until we are called back to the land of Israel (after Armageddon, circa 2048 CE). Then our headquarters will relocate to Jerusalem, but we are to begin building the Melchizedekian order in the dispersion now.

Our calling is to raise up disciples worldwide (Matthew 28). This calls for Netzeri-Jewish assemblies led by elders (not rabbis). These assemblies are to be tied together globally by Yshua’s separated priesthood. Participation is 100% voluntary, but being an eager, active participant is what distinguishes the bride from the rest.

Yshua’s true disciples are joyful for an opportunity to contribute to His work. But when not, the priesthood has the duty of pruning out those limbs which are not giving back to the vine, because they are considered to be dead (and are therefore pruned out). That is how we grow a single vine (and not a bunch of weeds). So Yshua’s chosen lifestyle for us does require commitment of both time and finances.

No one is posted unless they are actively contributing to Yshua’s Great Commission according to Acts 15 order. The numbers are small right now because we are focusing on purity, so as to build in stone. After Seal 6 we hope to raise up the following types of communities. (If no community type is listed it may be an individual disciple seeking fellowship, but the goal is to raise up assemblies.)

LEGEND: Green pins are certified Nazarene Israel assemblies (or activities). Blue pins are Acts 15 Alliance members with more than one elder family (preferred). Red pins are Acts 15 Alliance members with only one elder family at the moment. (Disciples and volunteers may also be posted in this category.)

GREEN PINS: Certified Nazarene Israel activities. Green pins are certified Nazarene Israel activities. (The Salem Headquarters does not sponsor a weekly Shabbat service at present, due to their apostolic focus.)

BLUE PINS. Acts 15 Alliance Multi-Elder.  Acts 15 Alliance Multi-Elder congregations have more than one elder spiritual family. (This is preferred.)

RED PINS. Acts 15 Single Elder. Single Elder Fellowships are like Multi-Elder congregations, except that they have only one elder spiritual family at present. (This is often the case with new congregations, or with congregations in transition.)

The Nazarene Israel Fellowship Finder is for official use by Nazarene Israel and its members only. Please do not contact our people for any solicitation, or to ask for things. WE CANNOT VOUCH FOR ANY ORGANIZATION OR ANY MINISTER OR ORPHANAGE NOT REGISTERED HERE. WE ALSO RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE OR REMOVE ANY LISTING, WITHOUT NOTICE, FOR ANY REASON AND AT ANY TIME, AT OUR SOLE DISCRETION. Thank you for your patient and kind understanding.
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Notice: If you are actively contributing to the Great Commission and you want us to post your contact information to the website, please enter your name, city, state/province, country, ZIP/postal code (or lat/long GPS coordinates), and e-mail address. Phone number is optional. (If we are not in active relationship your request will be deleted.) We will never share your information with any other party. Please be prepared for an increase in SPAM and scam requests, but if you are posted, then people can find you.

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