Hebrew Songs

The easiest way to learn Hebrew is by singing, and below are some of the more traditional Hebrew songs.

U’sha’avtem Mayim (with instructions)

U’sha’avtem Mayim (song only)

Kadosh (with instructions)

Kadosh (without instructions) (OK, I am not Pavarotti)

Aishet Chayil (A Woman of Valor)

Hadlakat HaNerot (the Candle Lighting). The candle lighting is not commanded from Yahweh, and don’t actually sing this anymore, since I learned the rabbis originally created this ceremony as a “slap in the face” to the Karaites. However, the song is widely sung, and one can still learn Hebrew from it (which is our purpose here).

V’shamroo (And you shall guard) (OK, I am still not Pavarotti. Make a joyful noise with me.)