To restore the faith once delivered to the saints (Nazarene Israel) as the official religion of the expanded Millennial Land of Israel, with missionaries and assembly halls worldwide, for the benefit of all of YHWH’s people Israel (both Ephraim and Judah). As explained in our other literature, this is a multi-step process. The first step is to reconstitute the Northern Kingdom of Ephraim. The second step is to open and deepen diplomatic channels with the Southern Kingdom of Judah, so we can merge with them at the time of the Ingathering (reference Revelation and the End Times).


Zechariah 12:10 tells us there will come a time when our Jewish brothers will accept Yeshua (‘J-sus’) as their Messiah.  Ezekiel 37 (and other passages) tell us that there will also come a time when the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel (who are basically presently hidden within Christendom) will be called back to the Land of Israel as the Northern Kingdom of Ephraim (Joseph, Israel), to keep the Torah (or the Laws of Moses).  This time of return is called the Ingathering. This is a two-step process. We must open diplomatic channels with the Southern Kingdom now, to prepare for our return, as they are in charge of the land and the re-entry process.

After the Ingathering will come what is known as the Religious Unification, when YHWH will cause the Ephraimites (i.e., the ex-Christians et al) and the Jews to come together and form one clean doctrine, so that they can walk together in harmony, peace, and love. We can do much to prepare for that day, by opening proper diplomatic channels with the Southern Kingdom, and listen to their advice carefully, and respectfully, for we will merge into the Southern Kingdom at the time of the Ingathering (e.g., Isaiah 66:19-21).


The Prophet Amos tells us that two cannot walk together unless they are agreed (Amos 3:3).  In order for us to walk together with our good heavenly Father, we must agree with Him.  That is, our doctrine has to be His doctrine.  Further, we need to teach this single, common clean doctrine to our children in the schools, so that the children of all twelve tribes can walk together in love, in harmony, and in unity.  The establishment of this one clean doctrine is therefore a primary concern. However, it will be a walk of love getting this to be the doctrine for all Israel. Trust has been broken in both directions, and it is imperative that we all act with love toward each other, and with respect toward the Southern Kingdom.

All activities of Nazarene Israel must contribute directly to the Great Commission, as outlined below:


1. Yeshua tells us, “All authority has been given to me in heaven and on earth.  Go therefore into all nations, and make disciples of all the nations, immersing them in the name (i.e., fame) of the Father and of the Son and of the Ruach HaQodesh (Set-apart Spirit), teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you (Matthew 28:19-20).

Some two thousand years after Yeshua’s ministry, the true Hebrew Roots of the faith have been lost, and are in the process of being restored.  Nazarene Israel’s mission, therefore, is:

a. First, to establish what Scripture really says, and then
b. To make disciples of all the nations, immersing them in the name (i.e., fame) of the Father, the Son and of the Ruach HaQodesh (set-apart Spirit), and
c. To teach (i.e., disciple) them to observe all things that He has commanded us.

Nazarene Israel understands the commandment to make disciples of all nations to apply both at the personal and at the national levels.

2. Establishing a clean understanding of Scripture is the very first step, for until we know what needs to be established, there is no way to establish it.  While discipling is much more than just publishing information, publishing information is definitely a part of discipling.  One of Nazarene Israel’s missions, then, is to publish this information in all formats and media as YHWH provides means.  These formats and media include using the website to distribute materials electronically (via email, e-books, .mp3 podcasts, internet video and website pages), as well as ‘hard copies’ (books, DVD’s, audio CD’s) for those who want them.

3. Outreach is an important part of this mission, and distribution of materials is an essential element of outreach.  At present, hard copies of our materials are available at our cost through facilities such as  However, since we are commanded not to sell the word or the things of His kingdom (Isaiah 55:1, Proverbs 23:23, John 2:15, etcetera) our materials need to be made available without cost.  Obviously there is a cost to be borne in creating and publishing these materials, and this cost needs to be paid by the people’s tithes, gifts and offerings.  This will greatly facilitate the primary mission of making disciples in all nations, in that those in foreign countries (who cannot afford these materials) will still have access to them.  Additionally, making literature available for free is a very effective means of spreading the word in industrialized societies as well.

4. As part of discipling, Scripture also commands us to organize the people, and also to establish and appoint leadership (Luke 9:14, Titus 1:5, etcetera).  This structuring and appointment of leadership allows all things to be done decently, and in an order that YHWH approves of.

5. An ongoing part of Nazarene Israel’s mission is also to help people connect and communicate for fellowship, as well as to build assembly halls and other places of worship.

6. Elohim has opened a direct channel of negotiations with the nascent Jewish Sanhedrin. We consider this heavenly provision, and are seeking to serve the elder brother in any capacity we honestly can. This is among the highest priorities of the movement.

7. The idea is to help convert gentiles-and-Roman-Christians into Hebraic Christians (of the Northern Kingdom), all the while learning all that we can from the elder brother, Judah.

There are many other aspects of Nazarene Israel’s mission which relate to the Great Commission, but these are the highlights.  All activities of Nazarene Israel must directly (or indirectly) serve this Great Commission.

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